Saturday, April 26, 2014

Images from the World: Natural Rock Pools in Pamukkale (Turkey)

Pamukkale probably is a unique place in the world. This beautiful spot is located in the Aegean region of Turkey, in the River Menderes valley. The surreal landscape of the terraced pools of Pamukkale actually makes this one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the world.

The name Pamukkale means cotton castle, name that the Turks have given to this place due to its unusual cascades. The warm and mineralized spring water from calcareous white steps creates a one of a kind view of this area.
These thermal pools look like the white steps of a castle which surely is a unique scenery. It is believed that the unique formation of the landscape here was created by strong earthquakes that formed cracks which allowed the water to come to surface. Layers of calcium carbonate deposited into the formations that can be admired today.
Pamukkale is built on the ruins of the ancient Greco-Roman spa city of Hierapolis which means the Holy City. Consequently, this area has a special significance for locals. In the ancient city of Hierapolis visitors can still admire beautiful temples and baths.
Besides being popular for the amazing views and the unusual landscape, Pamukkale is also known for the curative properties of its waters. The warm waters are perfect for the skin, but are also effective in the cure of many diseases.Many scientific researches prove that the water has certain medicinal benefits. Studies demonstrates that these waters help in conditions such as high blood pressure, rheumatism and stroke.

Locals use to tell a legend of a young girl who apparently was so ugly that no one wanted to marry her. The legend says that this girl wanted to commit suicide, jumping off the hill. The girl fell into a natural pool of Pamukkale, which not only saved her life, but turned her into a beautiful lady. When the Lord of Denizli (a city of Turkey) saw her, he fell in love and the two married.

 What do you think about this enchanted place? I personally love it !!

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