Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Random Facts About.... Unexpected Ingredients

Do you really know what the food we eat contains? Some of these food have a very "strange" composition. Check these out!
Fast Foods: Some of the most popular fast foods use cellulose in lots of products. The cellulose is pure wood pulp and the US FDA has not imposed limitations on its use in foods yet.
Soft Drinks: Lots of soft drinks contains brominated vegetable oil. This chemical is widely used in production of plastics as fire retardant and was found in 10% of American drinks.
Chewing Gums: Lanolin is an approved additive, used in chewing gums, in sunscreens and products for babies. It is an oily secretion extracted from the sheep wool.
Red Food Coloring: used in jams, cakes and ketchup, the red coloring is obtained from crushed beetles. 70.000 cochineal beetles are needed to get half a kilo of coloring.
Wendy's Chili: This particular chili contains silicon dioxide. This antioxidant agent is also known as "sand".
Beer: The golden colour is given by isinglass. This is obtained from dried fish bladder.
Bread: To soften bread dough is often used L-cysteine, found in human hair and duck feathers.
Jelly: Jelly , used in gumdrops and sweets, is mostly obtained from pigskin. The actual ingredient is collagen, boiled animal connective tissue.
Mushrooms: According to US FDA, mushrooms cans might contain 19 worms and 74 mites. All legal stuff !
Vanilla/ Raspberry/ Strawberry Aroma: Made from a dark orange substance called Castoreum.
In fact this is extracted from the anal glands of beavers !

Well, I think now you'll look at these foods in a different kind of way! ;D

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