Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ranking Around.... Astonishing Places

And here we are in the first column that will keep you company in this blog: "Ranking Around". As you can imagine, it's a simple Top 10 of things that have something in common. Today we are going to talk about wonderful places. And i mean it! Really wonderful places! Something beautiful, impossible to copy. One of the gifts nature offers us. Counting all of these is impossible, and some others are unnecessary to be mentioned because of their obvious fame. Those I'm proposing you are not very well known. Maybe some of you saw one of the next photos on Facebook, thinking that was a fake! Believe me, it's not!

10. Glass Beach (Fort Bragg, CA)
This is an amazing example of how nature can survive against pollution. Since 1949 Fort Bragg has hosted a public landfill, decommissioned in 1967 when the North Coast Water Quality Board intervened by banning waste dumping. Today Glass Beach is part of the protected area of MacKerricher State Park. Among the abandoned materials a lot of glass,  caressed and smoothed by the sea for about 45 years. The result is spectacular: there is a sandy shoreline made of small pebbles of glass.

9. Lake Hillier (Middle Island, Australia)
Lake Hillier is a salted lake separated from the ocean by a narrow strip of land. Around it the vegetation mainly consists in eucalyptus trees. But of course the real wonder is the unusual pink color of its water. The reasons for the presence of such coloring is currently not yet been clarified by the science. However scientists have already tried to find an explanation. In the mid-20th century, some experts began studying and analyzing the composition of the waters of the Lake, to see if they contained a substance able to donate that unusual bright tone. It has been speculated that the coloration is due to the presence of algae belonging to the species Dunaliella salina. This algae have a bright red colour and are rich in carotenoids. The colour of the lake could be attributed to their presence, but it's not yet confirmed. It might also be due to the presence of certain bacteria and their possible reaction in relation to the salinity of the Lake. Whatever the specific cause of his coloring, Lake Hillier remains a wonder of nature-seeing. At least in photo!

8. Enchanted Mountains (Zhangye Danxia Geopark, China)
There are places in the world that aren't difficult to place in a dream. Simply, it is hard to think that reality can offer something so similar to a work of contemporary art. Places that can even exceed the imagination. One of these is the Zhangye Danxia Geopark in China, in Gansu province. The mountains extend for approximately 300 square kilometres, a scenario worthy of a fantasy world. It is a low-rainfall area near the Gobi desert. The composition which brings to mind the colored sand bottles that we used to make in our childhood is the result of subsequent deposits of various minerals that gives different pigmentations. The ripples of the Earth led to the birth of this surreal landscape.
7. Santorini (Greece)
The sight of hundreds of white and pastel coloured buildings clinging to the steep cliffs of Santorini is spectacular. If you arrive by cruise ship (as I did on my holiday in Greece), the first thing that comes to your eyes is the massive volcano surrounded by the Aegean sea. That is actually an active volcano, and if you pass it by you will be able to see the smoke coming out of the ground. This Island has a magical atmosphere unlike any other places on Earth .But in this case, i can safely say that the pictures speak for themselves.
6. Tulip Fields (Holland)
One of the things that makes famous Dutch landscapes are tulips! For those who don't know,  the Dutch climate is one of the most suitable for the cultivation of tulips, which bloom precisely in spring, with an explosion of colors for all who have the pleasure to admire them during the flowering. The enormous variety of shades that this flower offers makes the soil a living masterpiece.

5. Hang Son Doong Cave (Vietnam)
It's the biggest cave in the world. It's over 5.5 miles long, it has a jungle and a river in it, and could fit a 40-story skyscraper within its walls. But nobody knew anything of that until four years ago.The roof of the cave collapsed centuries ago, allowing a lush jungle to take root. Monkeys and flying foxes live in what explorers named the Garden of Edam. A hidden treasure!
 4. Fly Geyser (Nevada)
Fly Geyser is located on the territory of a private Fly Ranch which makes the access extremely difficult. This geyser casually created during well drilling. The well went out of order after several decades of operation as warm geothermal water has found a weak spot and began to leak onto the surface. Dissolved minerals started their sculptor job, which is still going on.

3. Mendenhall Ice Caves (Alaska)
Only in few places you can experience every stage of the water cycle at once. But there's magic in the Mendenhall Ice Caves, where water runs over rocks under blue ceilings inside a partially hollow glacier. Reaching the ice caves
requires an arduous journey—it involves a kayak ride or long hike, an ice climb, and faith that the melting caverns won't collapse in on you—but the incredible landscapes are a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

2. Frozen Waves (Antarctica)
This huge frozen sea waves results from a melting process, and not a freezing process as it looks like. Melting has produced the downward pointing spikes that look like a breaking wave — they are simply icicles. Furthermore, the beautiful smoothly polished surfaces are again the result of melting; Freshly frozen ice, especially ice that has frozen rapidly, is cloudy and opaque. The transparent ice in the photo has been created in a glacier or ice cap by the slow annealing of ice as it is buried under each year's successive accumulation of snow.

1. Vaadhoo Island (Maldives)
It's a show that has enchanted visitors and tourists for many years. The Vaadhoo Beach, that in the night is illuminated by thousands of tiny blue lights, making the waves of the sea of the Maldives as a big starry sky. The secret of this magic is due to a natural bioluminescence produced by phytoplankton (micro-organisms found in marine waters and which through special mechanisms emit blue light turning on the beach of the Island with thousands ofs mall and bright blue lights that make this place one of the most romantic, mysterious and charming places on Earth. Walking at night on this beach is a unique experience.
The footprints of your feet leave a light signal on the sand, the waves, dashing on the shoreline give off a beautiful blue light, and the atmosphere of Maldives completes the dream scenario.

The least we can do is to put this wonderful beach on the first place in our list!


  1. Oh my gosh! This places are AMAZING! *---*

  2. WOW!! fabulous.... I'd love to visit these places!


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