Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ranking Around...Strange Hotels

The most unusual and amazing hotels in the world! You'll find everything: hotels on trees, icy ones, diving ones ... and much more!

10. Das Park Hotel (Germany)
Das Park Hotel is located in Essen, Germany, and is a very special hotel: sleep inside a "pipe", on the other hand, is an experience to do at least once in life, spending an adventurous vacation in touch with nature. In addition, each customer pays depending on what feels is fair pay!

jumbo_545x3009.Jumbo Stay (Sweden)
If you love travelling by plane, you won't surely renounce to spend at least one night in this fantastic hotel: Jumbo Stay is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and it is structured right inside of an airplane!

8.V8 Hotel (Germany)
Fans of cars and engines? This is the hotel of your dreams ! It's called V8 Hotel, and is located in Stuttgart, Germany. If you have ever wanted to sleep aboard the car you've always dreamed of, inside this place you can do it!


7. Icehotel (Lapland)
You'd better bundle up if you are willing to visit the amazing Icehotel, built in the village of  Jukkasjarvi, in Swedish Lapland, which initially allowed artists to stay while presenting their own masterpieces. It was the first ice hotel in the world and is rebuilt every year with blocks of ice taken from the nearby River Torne.


6. Giraffe Manor (Kenya)
Here is the first hotel in the world where you can stay all day with  semi-habituated  giraffes! Every morning they use to put their heads through the windows at breakfast, creating an unforgettable memory for guests of all ages. This is located in Kenya: a  sensational idea! 


Tree House Point, Fall City, Washington
 photo from sfgate
5. Treehouse Point (Washington)
Found in Fall City, 30 minutes from Seattle: If you have dreamed in your life to sleep suspended on a tree, this hotel is right for you! Turn off the technology, escape from everyday stress, and come enjoy the rejuvenating powers of the Pacific Northwest!
4. Cocoa Island (Maldives)
Who dreams to spend a nice holiday in the Maldives with your family?!? If you are one of these here's what you need: a resort situated on a small island, "Makunufushi", also named Cocoa Island. It's ideal for relaxing: a beautiful suite suspended on water is what you need!

3. Kakslauttanen, The Igloo Village (Arctic Circle)
The Kakslauttanen, a cottage complex located in Saariselka, in the far Northern Finland. These glass igloos are all equipped with saunas and fireplaces, and are very comfortable: what could be better than staying surrounded by the Lapps forest?


2. The Bird's Nest Treehotel (Sweden)
Unlike the previous treehotel, this one is set on a mast, but it's a ... bird's nest! Look at that wonder: who among you has dreamed at least once in their lifetime to experience the same feeling of a bird at home?!? Comfort, though, is included in the price: heated floors, toilets and all the necessary are installed, and the whole thing with lots of environmentally-friendly materials! This fantastic hotel can be found in Harads, Sweden.
1. Poseidon Undersea Resort (Fiji Islands)
I haven't proposed you underwater hotels yet, and this is truly spectacular: it's the Poseidon Undersea Resort, a boutique hotel, very expensive but also very curious. Can be found in the Fiji Islands, and inside you can admire the beautiful coral reef. Wondering the price
I'm afraid it's quite expensive: if you wanna spend a week in this paradise, you need to shell out 30,000 dollars.
Aren't these places fantastic? I hope you enjoyed this trip around strange hotels, built for put the guests like in a fairytale ! See ya next time!


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