Sunday, April 27, 2014

Snooping Around....Musical Rain Building in Dresden (Germany)

Dresden Music Wall (1)Perhaps there is no more relaxing sounds of the noise of the rain that falls, and drop after drop creates a veritable musical harmony. The rain already has its own musicality, but this can be increased and used to create musical instruments really unexpected. As in the case of musical building in Dresden, Germany. In one of the ancient city neighborhoods gutters and pipes have been transformed into real  instruments that play with the rain. This is an original artistic experiment named "Countryard of Elements". The facades of buildings becomes fantastic masterpieces used to enhance the sound of rain. The project was born thanks to Annette Paul, which deals with sculpture, and designers Christopher Rossner and Andre Tempel. Using their innovative ideas, they have transformed the new student district of Dresden (Kunsthofpassage) in a spectacular symphonic orchestra. The system uses metal cones and tubes that amplify the sound with the arrival of rain, creating a truly original melody. The musical project has become one of the most original and entertaining attractions in the city. Its effectiveness is not only for musical purposes, but also decorative. The main objective of the project consists in fact in making Dresden more cheerful and livable by directing the attention of the public and tourists to music and art.
The streets of Dresden are decorated also by the choice of bright colors to paint the exterior walls of the buildings. For the musical project so blue and turquoise are the perfect shades that call immediately the water element. A wonder that impress everytime it starts raining!

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