Monday, April 21, 2014

Travelling is awesome...but I don't have enough time !!!

If you have ever said that , this blog is the answer! It all started with a wish. The desire of an Italian guy like me to know as much as possible of the world: customs, technologies , nature , incredible news, interesting anecdotes , legends , strange videos, spectacular photos and much more. So I decided to start a blog to share with the Internet my passion , getting out of the shell and "snooping around", just for the heck of it . I hope that my project will take you on a fantastic journey to discover the wonders of our planet...and beyond!
But you're probably asking why  following or just have a quick look at it. I would simply say «out of curiosity». If you share my dream of travelling the world ( despite having an extremely limited budget ) you are more than welcome ! Every week I will post articles, news and charts related to a wide variety of topics. And if you want to, you can always tell me some interesting stuff for me to write about. Now it's up to you! Pack your bags and join the group!
Hope to see you here again !! Have a good life. XOXO
...And just to let you know. This is my first time writing English in public. So I'm so sorry if I make mistakes :)

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  1. Hi Gigi! I cannot wait to read your articles <3 I said "Travelling is awesome...but I don't have enough time" but I also said "Travelling is awesome...but I don't have enough money" XD


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