Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Video: Divine melody evoked by a magnificent musical instrument called Hang

Ever heard of an istrument like this?!? His name is Hang, although in the United States is better known as Spacedrum. It is a metal idiophonic instrument, built in Switzerland in 2000. Consists of two flattened half-spheres in tempered steel, forming a lenticular shape. Above you can see a central Protuberance and seven small lateral cavities, while the lower one is just a hole in the middle. Watch the video twice, and the second time do it with my eyes closed, and you will notice the difference! What you are listening to is a really divine melody, which seems to be played by some deity! In reality, however, is played by yuki, using her wrist, palm and fingers. In fact, Hang means "hand" in the dialect of Bern! How many of you would like to try to play this amazing and unique musical instrument?

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