Sunday, August 3, 2014

Random Facts About... Ghosts

This time I wanna give a spooky shade to my article...Surely it's very hard to separate fiction from reality, especially when it comes to supernatural events. I'm not writing to demonstrate if ghosts are real : someone believe and others don't. The truth is no one can be sure of what's beyond death. But, just to exorcise this thought, I will list here some interesting and curious facts about specters and supernatural apparitions. SO TURN OFF THE LIGHTS AND ENJOY THE FRIGHT...

1. Spirits haunt a place because they want to be noticed. Sometimes they only want to tell their story, or simply wanna be helped to pass beyond our world. Forget the usual thoughts of movie ghosts, unless they are evil ghosts. But most of the time, they're just lost souls.
2. Spirits do not always realize that they are dead. To them, its like they are stuck in an awful nightmare. In addiction, sometimes they don't even have a clear conception of time. For all of them, what we call the "actual world" is radically underdeveloped.
3. One of the overdeveloped senses they have is smell. In fact, they have a very profound one. They are often attracted to certain smells.
4. Ghosts can communicate with mortal in different ways. Appearing in dreams, using subliminal thoughts, writing through the use of pendulum of particular tables called Ouija Boards. They can also use others, more scientific ways, like the White Noise and the Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).
5.  Ghosts are more active at night. But why?  Some people think that this is due to less electronic disturbance and that they are able to produce more energy when not having to compete with various electric and electronic devices. In the same sense, you are more likely to experience ghostly disturbances when your house is quiet. Loud noises make them feel in danger.
6. Animals and children are more likely to "see" a ghost. That's probably because children and animals are the least rational creatures around. To be more scientific, the explanation can be found in the amount of energy they emit. Increasing your personal energy , more spirits are capable of absorbing.
7. Spirits can and often do manifest. Orbs, streaks of light, mist, dark shadows, shadows within shadows, and blurs within the air are the most common. Full-body apparitions are always possible, but are not likely.
8. When spirits are bored, they often cause trouble or become mischievous. But, in other circumstances, they can be quite helpful.
9. Spirits often retain memories and emotions of their physical life. And the memories are associated to "just before death" emotions.
10. Our beloved animals have souls. And sometimes very wonderful ones. So their ghost can "haunt" too. Professional ghost hunters, when they are one of their many sojourns, rarely seek out these nimble ghosts, opting instead for shadow people and poltergeists. Animal ghosts have been reported in many cases, yet they are overlooked. The infamous Bell Witch haunting, which plagued the family of John William Bell in the early 1800s, had reports of animal ghosts, such as phantom birds and vanishing dogs. Again though, in the case of these hauntings, the animal ghosts are just mere accessories to the more heavyweight phantoms. Animal ghosts make their presence felt not just in manifestations, but also sound and smell. It is not unusual for a person experiencing a haunting which includes animal ghosts to hear these invisible animals whimpering, panting and scratching on walls and doors.
11. The most interesting hauntings are called residual hauntings. This type of haunting is extremely rare and it can be defined as a recorded tape, which you can rewind and forward, to play the same snippet over and over again, in a loop. In a residual haunting, the apparition is on loop, doing the same things over and over again. They may even do these things at certain times, which explain why some hauntings seem to be triggered or heightened at specific times of the day. One of the most famous cases of a residual historical haunting is the “Versailles Time Slip”. This occurred in August of 1901, while Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain were touring Versailles. They both experienced intense feelings, then they discover themselves walking among people dressed like they were in 18th century Paris. Everything seemed to turn unworldly at this point and Moberly even thought she witnessed Marie Antoinette, sitting on the grass, sketching. It was over as quickly as it started.
12. Have you ever seen two identical twins? But I'm not talking about brothers. Maybe two strangers. Maybe two people that have lived in two different chronological periods. Well, this is a joke caused by one of the most unique ghosts ever known: the Doppelgänger. The definition of this type of ghost is actually found in the name. “Doppelgänger” is a German word for “double goer.” This ghost type has the ability to project itself in more than one place, hence the meaning of its name. As far as is known, no other ghost type has this kind of ability. But the real unique quality of the doppelgänger is that the person it projects to others can still be alive. So it is entirely possible that a person can see their loved one when they are not physically present. Or maybe can recognize his/ her face in an ancient photo of a stranger. Another common scenario involving the doppelgänger is a person seeing the image of someone close to them, only to find out later that the person they saw died at the precise moment their image appeared. The myths of the doppelgänger is that it precedes some kind of tragedy. American President Abraham Lincoln claimed to have seen his own doppelgänger in a mirror right before he was assassinated, and poet Percy Bysshe Shelley saw his in a dream. No one knows for sure what a doppelgänger really is. Theories persist, but indicative of the paranormal, there is no certified conclusion. Doppelgängers may be astral projections of alive people or the actual spirit of the person, recently departed and visiting those important in its life.

The thirteenth fact is actually the only one when I have to put the "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME" beware. You know that you can actually create a ghost with some friends. The artificial ghost is among the rarest of ghost types on this list and in the whole pantheon of the spirit world. It is basically a ghost that is created from the ground up.This is how it happens. A group of people come together and virtually creates a name for their ghost, plus a narrative for said ghost. Then afterwards, this group combines all of their mental and spiritual energies, sometimes with the assistance of tools, such as Ouija boards, in their endeavor of creation. And just like that, bingo, you have your own, personal ghost. Now this may sound like a joke, but actual serious research and experimentation was put into this. One such experiment by the Toronto Society for Psychical Research, was illustrated in a book, entitled, Conjuring Up Philip: An Adventure in Psychokinesis. The book details the group’s creation of an entity named Phillip using psychokinesis . The results were startling. Not only was an entity named Phillip created, but they were able to communicate with the freshly created ghost using raps and knocks, plus they attained the power of levitation. Well—that’s what they said. They went on later to create Lilith (a Canadian spy) and Sebastian (a medieval alchemist).
Personally, I think ghost stories are very exiting. What do you think about it? Hope to see you again in my blog... Have a good life, and don't be afraid of the dead. BE AFRAID OF THE LIVING ;)


  1. Just finished a ghost story for kids. Interesting topic and a great post.


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